“The Dog Who Lived in an Empty House Can’t Believe His New Family is Real.”  The Dodo writes about the newest member of the Abramson family.

Read veterinary journalist Dr. Patrick Mahaney’s interview with Neil.

“Propelled by a strong moral imperative, Abramson’s (Unsaid, 2011) taut and suspenseful novel demonstrates what happens when the lines of scientific ethics and citizen welfare are blurred in the name of political expediency.” Booklist

“If you love dogs and well-written, suspenseful fiction that is uplifting and will inspire you to open an animal sanctuary, read this lovely novel.” Jeffrey Masson, author of Dogs Never Lie About Love, The Dog Who Couldn’t Stop Loving and Dogs Make Us Human

“A new treasure.” Jessica Pierce, Ph.D., Psychology Today

“Rolls to an intense and unforgettable climax. You’ve got to read it.” Modern Dog

“A touching and dramatic story about saving animals in a no-kill shelter from a virulent virus. Some claim that dogs are the source but the veterinarian in charge of the shelter needs to prove this isn’t the case to save the animals.”  The Bark

“A riveting, thought-provoking roller coaster ride of a novel.”  Connecticut Dog

“First of all, this book is my worst nightmare. Secondly, this book will have you glued to the edge of your favorite reading chair. Just Life is a story of survival, strength and power from a group of random misfits in order to protect our friends with no voices. You’ll be crying but we promise you won’t regret a single moment. Simply, Just Life is a moving novel for all animal lovers.”



“Unsaid is an extraordinary story of animals, afterlife, and the power of love. I found myself captivated by the world of this book. It will make you remember, rethink, and rejoice in every meaningful relationship you’ve ever had. Everyone needs to read this book!” Garth Stein, author of the international bestseller, The Art of Racing in the Rain

Unsaid will really make you think about the relationship between people and animals. I was not able to put it down, and I read parts of it twice.” Dr. Temple Grandin, author of Animals in Translation and Animals Make Us Human

“A poignant read on the meaning of life and its priorities—how death and despair can lead to renewal and life, but only if one realizes the interconnectedness of all creatures.” Irene Pepperberg, author of Alex and Me

“Touching and emotional…” Publishers Weekly

“This is a story about love, healing, and, even more compellingly, animal rights. The work that Helena and Jaycee did with Charlie and Cindy (both chimpanzees) make for utterly compelling stories that drive this story and weave all of these characters together in an unexpected way.”

“UNSAID carries the reader through a maze of knowing and denial interwoven into the master narrative of science…an unrelenting story of the times-a pivotal moment of recognition and atonement….” Psychology Today

“UNSAID says it all in a lyrical story about humanity’s journey from betrayal to reconciliation with our animal kin. A beautiful, wrenching testimony.” G.A. Bradshaw, director & founder, The Kerulos Center, and author of Elephants on the Edge

“Neil Abramson has written a powerful and imaginative novel. His insights into the animal kingdom touched my heart. My book club will love it.” Meredith Brokaw, creator and co-author of the Penny Whistle books and Big Sky Cooking

“A remarkable book.” Susan Wilson, author of One Good Dog and The Fortune Teller’s Daughter

“A suspenseful, heart-throbbing novel exploring the big questions of life, death, sentience, animal rights, compassion, righteous indignation, and what it is all about and why. The surprise twists are like an emotional roller coaster. Read it, weep, grab your chair, and gain insights into the big why!” —Allen Schoen, DVM, author of Kindred Spirits

“Abramson delivers a touching and dramatic story that is sure to please animal lovers….  Overall this is a solid story of loss and love.” Library Journal 

“A remarkable book, uncanny in that its narrator is recently deceased, but vivid in its development of believable and complex characters, both human and nonhuman.” Susan J. Armstrong, Professor Emerita Humboldt State University and co-editor, The Animal Ethics Reader

“Enjoyed it thoroughly.” Jeffrey Masson, author of When Elephants Weep

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